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HAUCHDÜNN  / 2022-2023
Site-specific intervention

@ Hamburger Bahnhof Art4all
© Maria von Staa

HAUCHDÜNN is actually not a performance, but an act of listening. Based on the simplicity of being, silence, subtle touches and simply walking, the dialogue with the work Incisive (2016) explores different relationships and perspectives in relation to time, body and space. Basualdo's room-filling work, currently on view as part of the exhibition Under Construction, is a new acquisition for the National Gallery's collection. The intervention comes at the invitation of the artist Eduardo Basualdo.

Short film of the performance made by Maria von Staa and Gabriel Rossell Santillán.

FLUSS 2022

A piece for two performers and sound objects by and with

This work was developed and presented as part of the #share-Interference Series at the Público Festival at Acker Stadt Palast.

Dance actors and real-time composers meet for the first time in the Blind Dates initiated by Acker Stadt Palast and develop six unique miniatures. Just as waves overlap and interpenetrate each other in an interference, the artists:in the #share interference encounters inscribe themselves into each other and explore their aesthetic points of friction. The experiment culminates in the live performance of two duos each, re-exploring the resonant spaces between movement, sound, theater and audience. (Acker SP)úblico-festival


 © Maria von Staa

Site specific Performance with Live Sound 

Directed by: Maddi Fuente Ubani

Venue: Volkswagen Art4All: WISH FULFILLMENT #2

With: Maddi Fuente Ubani, Ana Kavalis and Alexander Carrillo
Music: Gabor Csongradi

© Maria Von Staa

SUDACA Project / 2021

Directed by Diana Veneziano/ Kalibán Usina Teatro

Venue: Espacio GEN, Montevideo, Uruguay
With: Oriana Irisity, Esther Jeréz & me.

© Alejandro Pérez Sacco

Reviews (Spanish)

ZUR SEITE TRETEN- Fem Wut Project / 2021

Directed by Ulrike Düregger

Venue: Vorplatz Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, Kreuzberg, Berlin
With: Alwine Klooz, Ulrike Düregger, Mira Sharman & me.
Dramaturgie: Nina Rühmeier
Videoartist: Nina Laçin

 #Take Action aus dem Programm Neustart Kultur, Fonds Darstellende Künste.

© Kalsoumy Balde


Videodance project

Idea, Concept, Dramaturgy and Direction: Ynez de Zilón
Choreography & Dance: Ana Kavalis
Videorecording: Christopher  Jackschies


Directed by Zorka Wollny

Venues and Festivals:
From Breath to Matter, Kunsthaus Kule Berlin
Experimental Festival Sokolosko
Let´s Make Noise Sisters, Komuna Festival, Warsawa, Polen
Suspicion of Witchcraft, CTM Festival, HKW Berlin

With: Anna Clementi Ohlin, Gosia Gajdemska, Rouviere Lyllie, Pauline Payen, Leah Buckareff, Karoline Strys, Florence Freitag, Zorka Wollny & me.

© Evgenia Chertvetkova

Quadro Vivo #1 / 2018
 3 hours live performance

Idea, Concept and Coordination: Juliana Wähner Ribeiro

CORPUS CRÍTICOS - Temporada de Acontecimento,
FOZ - Z42 Arte Contemporânea, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

With: Juliana Wähner, David Abreu Leandro, Victor Oliveira, Mana Lobato, Antonio Vinícius Albuquerque Peixoto, Ayeska Borenstein Ariza, Douglas Paranhos, Gouramani Menezes, Italo Spinelli, Jamile Moreira & me.

© Cristiano Pepi